Woman Worriers Group

Mindfully Managing Anxiety

How good would it be to call a truce with your anxiety and to feel more grounded?

Mindfulness Can Help

Spring 2019

In the Woman Worriers Groups we share what it means to be mindful and we learn how mindfulness can help us manage anxiety from moment to moment.

This group is for you if:

woman worriers.png
  • You’re always in your head — thinking, planning, reassessing….

  • You believe that your stress and anxiety impact your relationships.

  • Your anxiety holds you back from living your life fully.

  • Your worries wake you up at night or make it hard to fall asleep.

  • You’re tired of your anxiety taking control.

This group is designed to help you:

  • Understand the components and practices of mindfulness, because you want to bring them fully into your life.

  • Feel more present in your daily life.

  • Use breath, body and emotional awareness in new ways to calm your mind and connect with yourself in new ways.

  • Be more compassionate with yourself and others.

  • Use grounding techniques when your stress and anxiety show up.

If you yearn to feel more grounded, at ease and present in your life, come join our exploration of mindfulness. To learn more about Woman Worriers fill out the form below and put "WW" in the subject heading or call 410-339-1979.

Group Rate: The group will meet for 8 consecutive days in the Fall of 2018 — Days and time to be determined.

Cost- $50/session + 8 weeks of group = $400*. Or, $350 if paid before the group begins, a discount of $50!

* A 30 minute intake session will be conducted for each potential participant with a cost of $60.00.

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